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We Specialize in
Admiralty / Maritime Law and Mediation

Admiralty law (also referred to as maritime law) is a distinct body of law which governs maritime questions and offenses. It is a body of both domestic law governing maritime activities, and private international law governing the relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the oceans. It deals with matters including marine commerce, marine navigation, marine salvaging, shipping, sailors, and the transportation of passengers and goods by sea.

Admiralty law also covers many commercial activities, although land based or occurring wholly on land, that are maritime in character. Admiralty law is distinguished from the Law of the Sea, which is a body of public international law dealing with navigational rights, mineral rights, jurisdiction over coastal waters and international law governing relationships between nations.

Although each legal jurisdiction usually has its own enacted legislation governing maritime matters, admiralty law is characterized by a significant amount of international law developed in recent decades, including numerous multilateral treaties.

We Specialize in
Aviation Law

Aviation law is the branch of law that concerns flight, air travel, and associated legal and business concerns. Some of its area of concern overlaps that of admiralty law and, in many cases, aviation law is considered a matter of international law due to the nature of air travel.

The business aspects of airlines and their regulation also fall under aviation law, and aviation law also covers aircraft sales, purchase, leasing and repair issues.

Practice Areas

All Admiralty / Maritime Matters and Aviation Law
to include but not limited to:
  • Vessel Seizures
  • Cargo Claims
  • Collisions
  • Salvage Claims
  • Seamens Claims / Jones Act
  • Limited Liability Actions
  • Charter Parties; Demise, Time & Voyage
  • Marine Insurance
  • Pollution
  • Passenger Injuries on Yachts & Cruise Ships
  • Personal Liability Claims
  • Maritime Liens
  • Preferred Ships Mortgages
  • Vessel Documentation
  • Product Liability
  • Maritime Contracts
  • Wake Damages
  • License Infractions

Ronald J. Anania
  • Juris Doctor, Whittier Law School, Los Angeles, CA
  • B.S. Magna Cum Laude, California State University, Long Beach, CA
  • Advanced Arbitration Course, Mediation Training Group, Inc.
  • Int’l Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Master Instructor Course
  • Marine Surveyor Course, NavTec, Tampa, FL
  • Accident & Fraud Investigation Course, NavTec, Tampa, FL
  • Aviation licenses and ratings ultimately achieving the Airline Transport Pilot License.
  • Mediator Licensed by and for the Florida Dept. of Financial Services
  • Florida Bar Mediator, Certified by the Board of Governors
  • Florida Bar Arbitrator, Certified by the Board of Governors
  • Florida Bar Arbitration/Mediation Standing Committee
  • Broward County Marine Advisory Committee, Broward County, FL
  • Attorney, licensed to practice in Florida, Pennsylvania & New Jersey
  • USAirways Captain, Retired
  • Former California State Investigator
  • Former Pinkerton Security & Investigator
  • Director, Firearms Training Academy, Inc.
  • Director, Security & Investigative Services, Inc.
  • Florida State Licenses: Private Investigator C 1200593
  • Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor 140403318
  • FL State Firearms Instructor K 1300053
  • FL Statewide Firearms License G 1205871
  • FL Security Officer Instructor License DI1200207
  • FL Security/Investigative Agency Manager M 1200033
  • FL Security Officer D 1222186.
  • National Rifle Association Training Counselor, Regional Counselor & Instructor ID 140403318
  • USAF May 3, 1966 through May 2, 1972 AF21799913 Honorable Discharge
  • Former Lobbyist, Florida Trial Lawyers Association
  • Former Licensed Yacht Broker California
  • Former California State Investigator, Dept. Of Agriculture
  • Accident & Fraud Investigator Certification
  • Member of the International Association of Marine Investigators, Inc.
  • World travel as an airline pilot.
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit Mediator
  • Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator
  • Member of the Northern, Middle & Southern District Federal Courts
  • Member of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Member of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Member of the Broward County Marine Advisory Committee 17+ years
  • Proctor, The Maritime Law Association of the United States
  • Member of the International Marine Investigators
  • Former USCG Master
  • Former Ocean Freighter Owner
  • Former Marine Repair Facility Owner
  • Chief Flight Instructor Oakland Aviation, Oakland Airport, Oakland, CA.
  • Aero Services (FBO) Operations Manager, Teterboro Airport, Teterboro, NJ